Windows phone 8 ui elements

There are some xaml definitions and then an ellipse which has no clickhandler. How do i "just bind" the MapControl. Location to any given object i create?

xaml - Make clickable UI-elements for windows Phone apps maps - Stack Overflow

So in that link they're showing how to put controls on a map. Which could be anything from a Button to a TextBox to whatever.

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You could style a Button for instance to look like whatever you want, including pushpin. Or even go as simple as something like a shape which when filled does have hittestvisibility and will accept events. Make more sense? Apr 1 '15 at Well I already wrote that I tried to add a button and I sure can do that. But that button msdn. Or do you mean something like this hastebin.

If you mean this i have two problems a I want to create this button on runtime in C and more than just one and b I dont know what maps: So it sounds like you could just do a MapItemsControl and feed it a collection, your second link appears legit and what I'm talking about. You read that my second link was just an example and that I have two problems with it? I don't know how I "feed a collection" to xaml at runtime and I don't know how to bind the MapControl. Location to my datastructures.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown. It should be used as a guide only. This blog has been consolidated from multiple resources, among them was the windows phone depth partner support WPDPS such a great resource that is done based on apps reviews and case studies.

User Interface from Windows Phone to Windows 8

It is not new, it is just not well seen or acknowledge. Big thanks to the WPDPS and waiting for more and more of these to be directly incorporate in the windows phone dev center soon. These squares are contained within a padding of 24 pixels around the page and are offset by 12 pixels between one another — the magic combo for Windows Phone design. The grid enables you to quickly and easily identify any alignment issues on the page. Spacing between elements should be consistent both horizontally and vertically. It is recommended that elements are spaced a multiple or subdivision of 12px apart in order to follow the design grid.

They are allowed for brand reasons and to support contrast. Instead, use any accent colors on the text foreground. See the Photoshop templates for a full range of list templates. A rule of thumb is that Icons in a circle represent actions and those without are for indication. But once the scroll is released, the content bounces back down to the edge of the screen once again.

The quick fix for this is adding 95px margin to the bottom to move your content away from the bottom — regardless if it is bottom of the phone chrome or the application bar. The final result is more pleasing to the eye. Speaking of settings, scroll down to the bottom in the Settings application. Pivot control design guidelines for Windows Phone. If this is the case a pivot control is probably more suitable. If necessary provide a navigation section to allow users to dig deeper into the content. Generic tasks should be placed in the panorama app bar. Any more than five and they will be difficult to navigate and performance will take a hit.

These can be textures brand elements, graphics, photos. Photoshop templates are available to facilitate panorama design.

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Panorama design guidelines for Windows Phone. The user will make use of the hardware back button on the device. They should fit in with the look and feel of other items in the Start menu. Avoid using relative time stamps or dates eg. This is a static statement and will become inaccurate as time progresses. Instead, use an absolute date or time eg. Tile design guidelines for Windows Phone. The user should always be taken off to Internet Explorer on the device. Single buttons should be left aligned and multiple buttons centre aligned.

If this happens, either replace the image, or apply a semi-transparent black or grey layer over the image. If brand guidelines insist on a different case, then ensure that the use of the case is consistent across the app. Custom typefaces can be used for page titles or panorama section titles. Segoe WP should be used everywhere else.

WXGA assets have the highest quality, and they automatically scale to work well for other resolutions. Multi - resolution apps for Windows Phone 8. Users recognize certain icons to mean certain things, either because they are used elsewhere in the device or because they are commonly associated with something else. For example:. Do not repurpose existing icons. This includes its behavior when implementing secondary tiles please refer to section 4. They are designed to allow quick and easy access to content and are generally not used as an entry point for exploration.

For example, a pinned album from music and video will play the album when tapped.

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The tile serves as a specific purpose — go to the album and play it. Tapping on one of these tiles takes the user into the contact card pivot where they can see all the information and tasks related to that specific contact. Please do not repurpose existing icons.

Introduction To Designing For Windows Phone 7 And Metro

When a user launches an application by tapping on a secondary tile, pressing the hardware back button should exit the application i. The behavior of the hardware back button should not be altered in any way. Lens design guidelines for Windows Phone. This effect is available from the Silverlight for Windows Phone Toolkit.

Windows 10 Mobile: New Features, UI & Apps – Hands-on Video

Indeterminate progress bar. Never use angry or mechanical tones in the application. These are just recommendations from different cases studies that are usually application specific. So, feel free to do what is right for your application taking into consideration some success factions like:.

Once you have the basics down and have begun to piece together the visuals for your application, refer to the guidelines in this article. They will help you avoid some of the most common mistakes that I have seen when reviewing designs or during building my own apps. You must be logged in to post a comment. Really Awesome!

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I was just wondering about one thing. You should show "John Smith" in big font with smaller "name" underneath. Content over chrome and all that stuff. Thanks for the great guide! Some of the pictures though, for instance this one media. Any chance of getting that fixed? Cato it opens well on my side, could you check and let me know.

Also Kym you are right is about content over chrome. Dina Helmy — Seems that it was either Chrome or the proxy Chrome is passing through at work that caused the issue. Sorry for the trouble, and keep the great blog posts coming!

Sending commands from JavaScript code to native code

This is great article. I do have one suggestion. This is awesome piece of an article, it reminds me from a dummy WP developer to be able now implement the guidelines in my application. Dina, can you provide more useful links about UX guidelines for Windows Phone 8? I can't find any other article so objective as this.

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Backgrounds - Backgrounds are discouraged. Instead, use any accent colors on the text foreground Layouts - Use text size and color to establish list item hierarchy. Enhancements - List enhancements should not be used unless they are distinct from one another, such as in a menu. Scrollable Content -If you have scrollable content on your page, you should put 95px bottom padding at the end of your content.

windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements
windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements
windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements
windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements
windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements
windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements
windows phone 8 ui elements Windows phone 8 ui elements

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