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Desktop Manager is a bit slower than iTunes, but it is effective for getting media on the device. What is very cool about this is that your PlayBook will appear as a connected device on your computer. Just click on in this example - the Media folder and copy and paste or drag and drop media from your computer to the appropriate folder. Music can be purchased from the 7 Digital Music store. It is organized well, but there is simply no where near the content you can find on the iTunes store. Prices were comparable to iTunes. Videos can now be purchased at the Video Store powered by Rovi.

The video store will keep track of purchased items and has a very small collection of movies and TV shows for download. Movies can also be rented from the Video store.

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For example I had to log in three different times to buy an app, music or video. The Music app on the PlayBook is certainly functional. Also present are the Shuffle and Replay buttons. Expand the bottom pane and you can see album covers for upcoming songs in a Playlist or on the album to which you are listening. The PlayBook was a bit weak in both the Lowest end the Highest ends of the register giving a bit more of a "muddled" sound on the sample tracks I tested.

One unique feature of the PlayBook is stereoscopic sound which does enhance stereo output in certain circumstances. Later in this piece we will talk about side loading Android apps onto your PlayBook which can solve some of this. The Video Player app is also pretty "bare bones" but functional on the PlayBook. The usual video controls are present along with one feature that is not present out of the box on the iPad. For PowerPoint presentations, this would be awesome! Resolution is x - a hair under that of the iPad 2. The fact that Flash Player is built in does give you access to some web based streaming content that is not available on the iPad.

Factor in that Apple's battle with Flash is making HTML5 the video standard means that this distinction won't mean so much in the future. Round Five Tally: As expected, the iPad 2 delivered a knockdown to the PlayBook in this round - our first "standing eight count" of the fight. The iPad takes a perfect 10 in this round and the PlayBook gets a six.

Round 5 Round Six: Prior to the OS 2. Now, native messaging means this is a good battle for these two tablets. The PlayBook surpasses virtually every other platform with the inclusion of a unified messaging inbox. What that means is that in one place - the Messages app - goes not only your email, but also Facebook messages, LinkedIn messages and Twitter Direct Messages. The beauty of this is that you don't have to open the dedicated app i.

You can respond to and compose messages in all of your logged in account right from the messaging app. Just touch the Titter icon along the left hand side of the Messaging app and send a Direct Message - it couldn't be easier! Email only gets better! Touch the Compose button to send an email. What you immediately notice is that the PlayBook gives you a full rich text email editor. You can change the font, the size, the color and easily change the style of text right from the editor - just like using a full featured email editor. Attach files that are stored locally on the device, change the priority - you name it and you can do it from the PlayBook Email app.

Perhaps the best email feature is that you can swipe down from the top to see the Options menu and then select Compose Email up to four times! That means that you can have up to four separate email compositions going at any one time. You can then swipe up to minimize the app and do something else. That is a level of email power unmatched in any device today. The PlayBook has one of the best predictive link to swipe tech text systems I have seen in a mobile device. When you start to type, the PlayBook will show you five possibilities for the word you are typing along the top of the keyboard.

Simply touch the correct one and it is inserted into the email. You can set up multiple email accounts, you can have a unified inbox of email - but at the end of the day you still get only email. The iPad offers some nice features for email organization - adding messages to various folders and the like.

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There are no rich text editing features, however, in the Email app. Typing offers Apple's version of predictive text, which I find somewhat annoying. The ipad will suggest one word and you can touch the Space bar to accept that or try to touch the small "x" to get rid of it. One built in iOS feature that is great which the PlayBook lacks is the built in dictionary. Just hold down any word in an email or other app, choose "Define" and the iPad will give you a contextual definition. You can attach an image to your iMessage and send that along in the body of your iMessage as well.

You can certainly send Facebook messages, Direct Messages via Twitter and LinkedIn messages - but you will need to load up each app first to have that option. Both the PlayBook 2. Clearly, if you have lots of friends with other iOS devices, the iPad 2 will give you more people to talk to via FaceTime.

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Functionality is fairly similar on both devices. The PlayBook does a nice job of knowing which of your contacts have a BlackBerry ID for Video Chat calls - this is done automatically as all your contact data is sucked into the PlayBook. On the iPad, you need to specify your contacts for FaceTime. You can call people using their iPhone phone number - assuming they are connected to Wi-Fi.

You can also use an associated email address if they have that set up. Both apps let you search your contacts and both allow you to move the smaller video camera on the screen so that it is not blocking the view of the person on the other end. One of the very cool features of the PlayBook is that you can minimize the app and still see the video while you swipe to see if you may have a message to check or perform another task.

Video chat is pretty much a wash between these two devices. The one are where the iPad has the advantage is that you can use the Skype app. We do hope this will be released soon for the PlayBook, but it doesn't look so good. After getting knocked down in the last round, the PlayBook got back up and delivered its own knockdown in this round.

In fact, the iPad 2 was knocked down twice. The powerful Messaging app, unified inbox with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, rich text editor and more made the PlayBook an email king - BlackBerry email is back in a big way! The PlayBook gets a perfect 10 and the iPad 2 gets a 5.

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  6. Round 6 Round Seven: E-Reading The Kindle has revolutionized the way we read - no question about that. E-Books are now taking over as a preferred way of consuming books. There are options for E-Reading on both the PlayBook 2. Each options sort of forces the reader to "commit" to one particular e-commerce system iTunes, Kindle store, Kobo store, etc. The size of each device was also a factor in this round. The big beautiful screen is a joy to use to read books. The size can make the iPad somewhat fatiguing to hold for long periods of time and that is something to factor in. The iPad shines in the options available for E-Reading apps.

    The built in iBooks app is visually beautiful. It has a built in dictionary, the ability to adjust screen resolution, set for night time viewing, adjust fonts, search within the book and more. One of the coolest features of iBooks is the ability to literally turn the pages with a page turning animation - you can even see the words on the back of the page.

    In short, if it can be read, it can be read on the iPad 2. Add in the Newstand app and one of the thousands of magazines or newspapers to which you can subscribe and the quantity of content is staggering.

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    The size of the PlayBook is much closer to that of an actual paper back book making it feel more natural in the hand. It is also much easier to hold with one hand as you hold your coffee cup in the other. The Kobo app functioned well. You can adjust the Font size, jump to the table of contents and use bookmarks to keep your place. There are no page-turn animations, but you just tap on the right side of the screen to turn a page and the left side to go back a page.

    The Kobo store has most of the popular titles and most of the public domain works for free. The problem is that the Kobo app is the only "official" app available now. This brings us to the issue of "unofficial" apps. Some Android apps are available in the BlackBerry App World, but you can "side-load" Android apps - by following the directions very carefully - onto the PlayBook. Now, this is not for the faint of heart - but it is not too difficult. Once you side-load the Kindle app, you will be able to utilize the Kindle reader and have access to your library.

    Round Seven Tally: E-Reading is not a strength of the PlayBook. I love the size and I like the way the books look on the screen, but the iPad simply has too many options for consuming printed material. We seem to be going back an forth with knockdowns in this battle. In this round, the PlayBook goes down hard and the iPad 2 wins by a score of 10 to 5. Round 7 Round Eight: You will also look like a major league geek if you go around taking lots of pictures using a tablet.

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    That being said, both the iPad 2 and PlayBook 2. Both shoot HD video and both can manage your photo library. The camera is pretty bare bones but it does offer some nice options. Taking a picture is pretty straight forward on the PlayBook - just choose the Photo or Video icon in this case, Photo and then touch the Camera icon to take a picture. The picture goes right into the Camera app the equivalent of the Camera roll on iOS. Swipe down from the top and you have the options for image stabilization, Image quality was about what you would expect from a 5 MP portable camera.

    There is no flash so you are somewhat limited as to the pictures you can take. Taking video is as easy as touching the Video icon and then the start button. Press the Stop button to end the video. You then need to swipe down from the top and select Videos to see your videos. There are no editing functions built in to the PlayBook 2. The Pictures app is where you go to manage your photos on the PlayBook. There you will find your Camera Pictures folder as well as folders or albums of all the pictures you loaded on the device using Desktop Manager. Touch an album to see all the photos in the album.

    Touch one image to fill the screen. To have the pictures displayed in a slide show, touch the large Play button in the middle. To go forwards of backwards, touch the appropriate icon. Swipe down from the top in any album to see all the pictures in that album, to delete a photo or to set a photo as your wallpaper. There are no photo or video editing capabilities at this time in the PlayBook Pictures app. The front camera is used for Skype or FaceTime video chat and you might want to use the rear camera for a quick picture - but you will be disappointed with the image quality. The iPad 2 shoots P video out of the back camera lens, which is most likely the way you would use the device.

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    You can zoom in by touching the screen and getting the slider bar, but the more you zoom the lower the already poor picture quality will be. The only option in the Options button is to have a grid on or off. Once you take the picture, it goes into your Camera roll. Choose Video instead of Photo, touch the Record button and start to record your video. One area where the iPad shines is in the options after the video is taken. You will see a timeline of the video at the top of the screen and you can simply drag the handles to "trim" the video.

    You view your Photos and videos in the Photos app. The Photos app organizes your pictures into several different views depending on how you synced your device. For example, if you have a Mac and synced some of your Faces albums to the iPad, you will have a tab that says Faces. What is nice about Photo Stream is that if it is enabled on any iDevice or Mac, any picture taken on any device goes into this cloud based Photo Stream which then adds the picture to all your other connected devices. You can also choose to create a slide show, customizing the transitions used and which music to use from your device - you can even send the whole thing to your TV using AirPlay.

    This was a tough round to call; the iPad 2 has a horrible camera, but great photo and video editing built in. The organization and options after a photo or video are taken are also more plentiful and more intuitive on the iPad. The PlayBook as a pretty decent camera - certainly way better than that on the iPad 2. Where the PlayBook falls flat is in what you can do after you take a picture or video.

    With virtually no editing or transmitting options all you can really do is scroll through your pictures or have a basic slide show. Since most of us won't really be using the camera for taking lots of pictures but will using the video perhaps for HD video, this comes down to what you can do after the photo or video is taken. That being the case, the iPad 2 wins this round by a score of 10 to 7.

    Round 8 Round 9: Web Browsing Web Browsing One of the features users are looking for the most in their tablets is a good web browsing experience. Historically, it would be hard to put a BlackBerry web browser up against an iOS browser, but the PlayBook and its QNX operating system maybe Torch browser made for a very capable browsing experience - but how capable? Launch the browser and the iPad screen fills up rather quickly with a full featured browsing experience.

    Pinch to Zoom works like a charm on the Safari browser, scrolling is smooth and fast with very little if any pixilation. The options within the browser are limited; you can view Bookmarks or your History by touching the Bookmarks icon. You can also view those article you have saved to your Reading List. Safari works very well through multiple tabs. Options for the browser are found in the separate Settings app. All that being said, the important thing about the iPad browser is that is just works and works well.

    Web pages loaded quickly and scrolling through the page, touching hyperlinks and zooming in and out works just as you would expect. Having the Google Search bar right up top next to the address bar made navigating to a new site very easy. Web pages loaded up reasonably quickly. The most touted feature that the PlayBook browser has which is missing on the iPad is Flash support. Now, for some this is not a big a deal, but even on our own CrackBerry.

    Flash also allows you to experience video content that would not be available on the iPad 2. Scrolling through web pages was very fast and reasonably smooth. I did experience some lag - some pictures had trouble loading when I would fly through a page. Pinch to Zoom worked very well on the PlayBook which is a good thing. The 7" screen often needed to be expanded for my aging eyes to clearly make out the text. There are a few options available in the upper bar of the browser. A Reader icon is at the top left; if an article is available in Reader Mode, touch the icon and it will be displayed in a cleaner, easier text based reader mode.

    Touch the Bookmark icon Gold Star to see visual thumbnails of your bookmarks. To the right of that is a Full Screen icon that will take away the Title bar to give you maximum viewing of the web page. Swipe down from the top to see the Browser Options. You can see a visual of your open tabs, add a New Tab, see your Downloads from the web and access the web Settings. Settings can be customized for what to show when you land on a new page, what your Home Page should be, your default Search Engine as well as font and coding options.

    You can allow Permissions for Location based queries from web sites and adjust your Privacy and Security settings. All in all, the PlayBook Browser offered more in the way of adjustments and settings than did its iOS counterpart. The most important part of browsing the web, however, is the smoothness and speed of the browsing experience and the visuals of the page. This is where the 7" screen of the PlayBook has a disadvantage. Pages still looked, well More real estate would provide a better web experience.

    Round Nine Tally: Both devices offer a quality browsing experience. The size of the iPad 2 gives it a huge advantage over the PlayBook 2. Couple that with a smoother scrolling and zooming experience and quicker load times and, even though the PlayBook gives us Flash support - the iPad 2 just squeaks by in this round. The iPad gets a 10 and the PlayBook gets a 9. Round 9 Round Ten: Gaming Both the iPad 2 and the PlayBook 2.

    Both offer accelerometers to allow you to say "steer" a car just by turning the device. Apps from big time companies such as Electronic Arts and Gameloft can be found for both devices. For purposes of comparison I looked first at identical games on both devices. Need for Speed was a joy to play on the PlayBook. This was one of those games where a slightly smaller device proved to be a real plus.

    I always enjoyed playing racing games on the iPhone, but found the iPad a bit big to hold and "steer. Load times were quick, frame rates were very good and cut scenes played beautifully. What I really enjoyed was minimizing the game and having it run in the background while I checked an email. Angry Birds is Angry Birds. That being said, load times were very quick, and the game play was very smooth. I could pinch to zoom out or in easily to give me a better view - just like on most other devices. One area where the PlayBook surpassed the iPad 2 was in the graphics.

    The challenge for the PlayBook in this round is in selection. App developers simply don't put out the volume of apps for the PlayBook as they do for the iPad. Some of the games are of a very high quality, but they are few and far between. There is also a lot of "junk" to be found in games for the PlayBook.

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    We certainly hope that now that Android apps are supported on the PlayBook, more of them will find their way into BlackBerry App World. Many developers have released HD versions of their most popular apps which take advantage of the added horsepower and graphics capabilities of the iPad 2. I tested both Angry Birds and Need For Speed to give a true comparison of "identical" games on both devices. Angry Birds, as I mentioned above, didn't seem to "pop" on the screen as much as it did on the PlayBook. Graphics were certainly smooth and pinching to zoom in and out looked great.

    Load times were about as fast from screen to screen as they were on the PlayBook. Need for Speed looked great on the iPad 2. The game was fluid and steering was precise. Where the experience breaks down a bit is with the overall size of the iPad. For games like this, I find the iPad to be too big. I feel kind of like a moron holding and steering my iPad - it is much more comfortable on the iPhone and on the PlayBook. Where the iPad 2 shines is not only in the quality of games like Infinity Blade, Dead Space and so many others.

    From music games, artistic games, strategy games and so many more - the iPad 2 shines as a Gaming device. Three versions of the flexbox spec — each with different syntax — have been implemented in browsers. Manufacture date is May 12, Download the new playerglobal. AppAddict 5. Numbers followed by -webkit-, -ms- or -moz- specify the first Make beautiful slideshows with the 9 best presentation apps for iOS With Adobe Premiere Rush, sharpen your online video editing skills 12 New Year's Eve apps to get your party started as you Win flex-bison is a windows port the Flex the fast lexical analyser and Bison GNU parser generator.

    All three will be available in May, with international price and availability information still to come. Grayd00r 9 is a mix of speed and features and is faster than the stock iOS firmware. The two specs are roughly equivilant in terms of features, differing mainly in syntax. Apaga el dispositivo. Samsung's Infinity Flex demo begins at about one hour and 22 minutes into the developer conference video Samsung says that the Infinity Flex display is the "future of mobile display technology However iOS' standard behavior for the number input isn't that ideal. You can use this 2 in 1 Lightning Adapter to charge and Enjoy the music at the same time.

    Here you can download all things iOS, from firmware versions to jailbreak tools. Please like or comment down below if this tweak works for you, so that other people will know and use it. Directions are as follows. First install RocketBootstrap with Tweak Installer: Join GitHub today. So Flex is an old school tweak many in the community have been using for many years.

    The barista told me they had one kind that was a lot different than all their other roasts Vue d'ensemble. To see if your mobile device is compatible with Jailbreak iOS I also recommend this reddit thread for general help with the iOS 9. The Lenovo Flex 11 Chromebook is a well-equipped and semi-rugged convertible-hybrid laptop that offers just enough features to make it a strong bargain over other budget laptops. These are the applications that were not allowed by Apple due to their term and conditions.

    Looking for a file or document for your FlexRadio product? This is the right place to search or peruse our extensive product file library. For the uninitiated, Flex is the ultimate hacking and tweaking tool for jailbroken devices. Flex iOS This keyboard is the exact replacement for the Lenovo Flex 3 Flex 3 laptop.

    From therein you run the chmod Flex command and then the uicache command. At Build we shipped Xamarin. Flex 3 IOS Step 6: Forms 3. Onto our app. The Lenovo Flex 3 inch is a decent convertible for casual use. A lot of system services have been disabled for improving the overall performance. This example is meant to be simple and quick, and give you a taste of Xamarin development. Expand your market in China!

    Along with iOS 11 support, you can now also use it on g0blin jailbreak for iOS As a matter of fact, due to Flex - I was able to dump Springtomize 2 improved device performance and battery life as a result because most of it's tweaks are available on Flex. Cydia Download iOS If your iOS is between 5. This is not my repo. No doubt, we have social media icons like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and all kinds of arrows. Note that this is a patched version of iOS 9. The best Cydia experience you can have on your Apple device. On the bottom we have two speaker grills in the front left and right.

    I wound up just going with the Yoga 2-in-1 in the I am building an mobile app and I need to create a search bar something like the iOS search bar. Previous comments earning the app 3 stars a week ago: First time that the app has failed in over a year. Apple Developer Steps 1 and 2 will be done prior to any application phase, Step 3 will be used in each application phase. After you upgrade to Cisco Wireless Release 8. Read more about this announcement, and sign up for an exclusive discount by reading this article. If your iOS is The Fitbit Flex is capable of setting up and syncing with select mobile devices that support Bluetooth 4.

    Hey, why you not let some "stars" and a comment about this software a 11 views. To see if your mobile device is compatible with Setting up your Fitbit Flex 2 We recommend using the Fitbit app for iOS, Android, or Windows 10 to set up your tracker and make the most of the Fitbit experience. For syncing The Flex 5 features a 3-cell For the moment, only action script project are supported for iOS. Suport iOS And have not tried doing a backup and restoring yet. If the elements are not flexible items, the flex-wrap property has no effect.

    Open the Settings app on your device and tap on General. Installed anything great recently? With iOS 10 installed, you can remove more apps, such as some built-in apps, on your newly bought iPhone 7 home screen. If the element is not a flexible item, the flex property has no effect. The beta version 43 also adds proper code signatures to existing frameworks.

    I've read several reviews, some saying the One Touch 2 is not as stable as it should be. Review - Lenovo Flex 3 inch May 29 - Lenovo's Flex laptop lineup was designed to be a bridge between a traditional laptop and a convertible. Apps that support push notifications, including those that come pre-loaded on the device. Sometimes when you update to iOS 12 or iOS 11, or just in some quirk of normal operation, the iOS becomes corrupt and may need to be fixed. Cisco Unified Communications Manager I thought this would work on latest browsers, especially webkit and iOS - can anyone shed some light on this?

    Tap the button below if you're on an iOS device. When you upgrade to 3. The other day I went to buy some beans at a hip coffee shop. You are currently viewing the forum as a guest. On this page you will learn how to unlock LG G Flex 3 for free whit our amazing LG unlock software tool available on this page bellow for downloading on any computer, tablet, lap top or even cell phone on which you have good internet connection. The easiest way to get iOS 11 is to install it from the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch you want to update. Guide to fix the Processing Error in Flex 3.

    May 3, , Adobe shipped Flash Builder 4. It offers basic performance that is mainly suitable for browsing the web, playing some not so demanding games or writing. This is an amazing tweak that lets you hack apps for Flex 3 — Making your own tweaks for IOS 11 admin August 24, August 24, Cydia is a wonderful place to find tweaks and apps that allow you to do more than you could have without a jailbreak. Easily make your own tweaks, and share them on the Flex Community Cloud. The User Guide refers to a "Novo Button", which is shown in diagrams as being on both the left edge and the right edge near the front.

    Flex 3 — Making your own tweaks for IOS 11 admin August 24, August 24, Cydia is a wonderful place to find tweaks and apps that allow you to do more than you could have without a jailbreak. Adobe Flex Tutorial i About the Tutorial Flex is a powerful, open source application framework that allows you to build mobile applications for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry Tablet OS devices, as well as traditional applications for browsers and desktops using the same programming model, tool, and codebase. In this video we take a look at Flex 3 Beta.

    By the way, the iOS support for flex project will be available for the next release of Flash Builder in June. Explore menu, see photos and read reviews: This iOS A number of existing emojis changed in this update, such as Honeybee , Ram , and Tumbler Glass. Step 3 — Download Firmware. Adobe has announced that AIR 3 and Flash Player 11 will finally come out in early October, the main highlights of this new release is the formal introduction of Stage3D — a feature that will bring game console quality 3D performance to Flash Player 11 and AIR 3.

    Surely, we have basic ones like phone, home, and settings. Thanks for this.

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