Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52

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System error code: Was it before the server configuration step or while installing the client itself? If its during the client installation itself, then I would suggest you to correctly extract the files in the ISO files and try again. If its happening before the server config step, then probably your machine is not compatible for it.

Hope this helps! Did Akila get it solved? Problem was solved. So to workaround simply rename the installation files directory where the setup. Solution was found from HP partner site which says:. When installing ALM The Windows OS has a limitation of characters for file path. The Unix OS has a limitation of characters for file path. If the path of the files used during the installation is longer than characters on Windows OS or longer than characters on Unix OS, the error will appear.

A black screen just flashes and disappear. I can now install but can not run the server wizard because window 7 service pack 1 is not supported.

HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.52 Readme

Please any work around or how can I get window server on my window 7. Please tell me, what should i do? System error. Has any one managed to resolve this problem and how?

ALM tutorial

Hi, i was trying to install ALM Hello Sir, Very nice and helpful post. Win r2 of 30 days evaluation version with IIS 7 installed 2. SQL server r2 with sp2 3. After the end of installation went to site administration, add project, domain and user. But the problem is:. I am very much fan of this site and want to follow all your tutorial step by step but stuck in here.

Can you help with this! Please help…. Do we need to give ph no while registration? When I double clicking on Setup. Provide me the needed solution. Earlier also same error occured and after resetting the user profile it got installed. When I am trying again to install the error is coming. This file has no digital signature or the publisher is untrusted.

Thank you for the detailed instruction however i am stuck on step 8. I have tried every possibility but unable to get through. I am not sure which user name, password, and domain to put. Can someone please help. No workflow action is available for closing the requirements tree or Req Coverage tab. Run the following script: Existing Open Test Architecture applications that change data fail in a project with Version Control enabled. You must change your code to check out items before you change them in code, and check them in after posting.

Workflow scripts and Open Test Architecture applications run with the privileges of the logged-in user, not the privileges of the user who created the script. Scripts and applications that use protected objects, like the Command object, may fail, depending on the project security settings and the group to which the user belongs. The naming convention for actions has been changed to context. For purposes of backward compatibility, the naming convention used in previous ALM versions for upgraded projects is still supported. These workflow events are supported for purposes of backward compatibility and are only available in upgraded projects.

The CanDelete event has been added to tests, test folders, test sets, test set folders, business components, and business component folders. Modify scripts to use the new action name instead. Modify scripts to use the absolute page number instead of the relative page number.

When using the Fields objects in workflow scripts, ALM throws an exception if the script attempts to access a non-active or non-existing field. Modify scripts so they do not access non-active or non-existing fields. You can also add On Error Resume Next to scripts as a precaution. In workflow scripts, the Lists object can be used only with fields that are defined as the Lookup List type in Project Customization of project entities.

In Project Customization, change the type to Lookup List. To be able to specify values that do not appear in the defined lookup list, clear the Verify Value check box. In ALM ActionCanExecute event actions for changing the view in the Requirements module now consistently reflect the name of the target view. Modify scripts as follows: Change the action actCoverageView to Requirements. The following Test Lab ActionCanExecute event actions are no longer triggered and should be removed from scripts: Legacy action names are not called for Analysis menu commands in the Requirements and Test Plan modules.

When synchronizing from a baseline which contains automated components that were automated only after they were initially imported, the following issues may occur in the target library: Business process tests that include such components fail when executed from the target library using UFT. Business process tests that include such components run successfully when executed from the target library using QuickTest Professional The keyword view of such components, when selected using the UFT plugin, is not displayed properly.

Remote execution: When executing a test remotely on a host, if the host is already running a test that was started locally, the remote test execution is cancelled. If you know that a certain host is used for remote executions, do not run local tests on that host. Application Areas: When trying to launch an imported scripted component that is associated with the default UFT application area in the Automation tab, a UFT error message is displayed and the component cannot be opened. This limitation is relevant only for the default application area.

Version History: The canvas view of a business process test's version history disappears as the mouse cursor hovers over an object, or as the mouse is clicked on elements such as the parameter filter. Deleting a business process test in a versioned project may take longer than expected. A warning message is displayed that describes this limitation. NET applications cannot be tested by running business process tests with QuickTest-automated components. In Test Lab, test results do not include information about a business component whose run condition was not met during test run.

QuickTest business components do not support parameter values from a local data sheet.

How to Download & Install HP ALM (Quality Center)

If a component refers to a parameter from a local data sheet, it fails during execution from ALM. In the script used by ALM to run the business process test called a wrapper test , change the reference to the sheet of the local data table. Example Change the line: GetSheet "[sheet name]". GetSheet "1". The following message is displayed: The component or application containing the component has been disabled. Open the Server Manager. Localization is not supported for Business Process Testing In the Business Components module, the ALM client terminates when clicking the Automation tab for a business component with QuickTest keyword-driven automation.

To do so, run the Command Prompt as an administrator and paste: For standalone installations, you must manually install the prerequisite application,. NET Framework 4. It is not recommended to install and uninstall a Load Generator standalone installation on the same machine with a VuGen standalone installation. When uninstalling a Linux Load Generator, the uninstall process may fail and the following message may appear: When the uninstall is complete, use the setenforce 1 command to enable SE Linux.

This limitation applies only to Oracle 5. To run a C script on a Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. If you install LoadRunner and Unified Functional Testing UFT on the same server and uninstall one of them, the remaining software program may not function correctly. Reinstall the software program you want to use on the server. If you have several LoadRunner components installed on one server for example: VuGen SA, Analysis SA , and you uninstall one of the components, after the uninstall completes you must run repair on the remaining components.

The LoadRunner Linux installation requires you to be logged in as root user. If you want to install the Cleanup key when using Windows XP operating systems, in the LoadRunner License Utility feature, use the Install a license using a license key option. The Install licenses using a license file option may cause the installation to fail. When the migration tool is installed, files and folders are copied directly to a selected folder. To uninstall the tool, delete the folder where the migration tool was installed.

The run migration fails if a session run is assigned to non-existing user. After starting the migration process, the log file displays the following error: SyncActivity - Failed to execute activity MainSystem. COMException 0xE8: In a version-enabled project, you can run a performance test only if it has been checked in once first. When the test run uses a standalone load generator machine, in some cases you may need to add the Controller IP to the list of target IPs. You cannot run QuickTest tests on a host that is being used as both a Controller and a load generator. To see the Vusers Log in an environment where the system user is non-administrative, grant the non-administrative system user full control of the following directory on the Controller machine: For version-enabled projects, if a user checks out a test, defines SLAs, and then runs the test while the test is still checked out, the SLA report is available only for that user.

Another user can view the run but not the SLA report because he only has access to the checked-in version of the test which does not have SLA definitions. For scenarios created with Shunra NV 8. For scenarios created with Shunra Network Virtualization in versions prior to 8. In scenarios with network virtualization, if the Shunra service is restarted during a scenario run, the network virtualization may fail. Check the service and restart the scenario run. Monitoring over a firewall is not supported for scenarios with network virtualization. When working with automatic LG distribution mode "Assign all to each group" , it is not possible to work in the "Per Load Generator" mode in network virtualization.

To assign virtual locations to load generators, switch to manual distribution in LG Distribution, select "Assign Manually". When uploading a script to Performance Center, the length of the script file name combined with the length of the Performance Center Server installation path cannot exceed characters. When the Vuser script is a compiled Vuser, the Controller does not send the. Using VuGen, add the. The following Vusers are not supported over the firewall: Replaying a VB Vuser on a load generator machine with Windows 7 requires administrator privileges.

If you create a Load Test with a monitor profile, copy it to a different project, but choose not to copy linked entities, you cannot remove the monitor profile. The default host monitors may not work if the Controller and the load generators are on a non-English environment. A Load Generator Over Firewall machine can act either as a Load Generator or as the source machine for the Network Delay monitor at a given time, but not both of them concurrently.

If the Total Processor Time does not appear on the Host Monitor graph, this is due to a Microsoft limitation related to time synchronization between the client and server machines. Modify the server. Manually copy the Diagnostics. To view Diagnostics data in Analysis, use the Analysis option to open the complete data rather than the summary data. This data will not appear in Analysis, but it is available online during the performance test run. Do not cancel a trending operation once it is in the data processor queue.

It will freeze in the Publish request queued state. The Installed Components tab of a Standalone Load Generator displays information that is not relevant to the load generator. You cannot use the Host Security Manager utility to update security settings on Linux load generators that use rsh remote shell to connect to the Controller.

You cannot use the Host Security Manager utility to change the security mode of the load generator located over a firewall from off to on. When the load generator is located over a firewall, if the load generator and Controller have different security modes, communication cannot be established. If the Controller machine is using secure channel communication, the MI Listener should not be installed on the same machine as the Controller. When running in secure mode, the name of the host machine may be decrypted.

When using the Host Security Manager utility to update security settings on a host, if a host is in non-secure mode, and you try to update it to non-secure mode, an update failure occurs. When trying to run a performance test over secure channels, if the security keys on the Controller and load generator do not match, the performance test run fails, and the status of the load generators changes to Resource Failure.

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To re-enable the load generators, you must manually reset the status on each affected load generator to Operational. Fails to collate when running a performance test over a firewall load generator with a host with only one purpose load generator. The maximum number of files that can be zipped for the collate or analysis process is limited by WinZip to 65, The Load Generator cannot run Citrix scripts in service mode when the script was recorded using Citrix Client version When LoadRunner Agent runs as service magentservice. If you want to access files this way, run the LoadRunner Agent as process magentproc.

If this is not possible, please contact Customer Support. It is enabled by default. Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration must be disabled to view help content. No code change is required, but all DFE extensions need be recompiled. The Citrix Connection Center may prevent record and replay of Citrix ICA scripts, if it is running in a different user session on the same machine. Close all instances of the concenter. To prevent the Citrix Connection Center from starting automatically, set the ConnectionCenter registry key to an empty value"". This key can be found at: For 32 bit systems: For 64 bit systems: The client is automatically installed when you access the ALM server.

For the Controller, the ALM client must be installed using a user with administrator privileges. The following limitation occurs when running a Performance Center server with a non-administrator user. After uploading host licenses to the licenses page, the licenses are not displayed. Retry to add the host licenses.

When working with PC in a "lockdown" mode i. Please check network connection and user network credentials. Upload a script once as an administrator user. After you have successfully uploaded at least one script, you can change the PC system user to a non-administrator user. When working with several PC servers, you must repeat this workaround for each PC server before changing the user. In this case you will need to add a PC server, perform the upload, set the server's state to 'Unavailable', add a second server, and upload another script.

Unable to share performance tests. When importing performance tests from a baseline, the import process fails and the tests become invalid. Open Performance Test Designer and reassign the required scripts. After performing the Remote Shell RSH installation by a root user, run this service using a non-root user Remote Shell should use the same user specified in the host details of the Unix Load Generator in the Lab project. User should have permissions to work with this folder.

When you open VuGen as a non-administrator user, during the recording process you may see a certificate pop-up warning message. The message is automatically closed and does not affect the recording. When recording on Internet Explorer IE 10, the browser uses cached pages and may not record all of the steps. Each time you begin recording, configure IE 10 to always refresh Web pages from the server. VuGen scripts should not contain non-English characters in the script name, or in any part of the path.

Copy the script to a different folder, ensuring that the script name and path do not contain non-English characters. To generate an HTML report for scripts created with earlier versions, run the script again in the 9. You may experience a degradation in performance during replay when the Step Navigator pane is visible.

Close the Step Navigator pane when replaying a script. You can also set your Replay layout to exclude the Step Navigator pane. If you terminated the Protocol Advisor immediately after the detection process started, the Protocol Advisor may leave a hanging process of the detected application, causing all recordings and detection sessions that follow to fail. Manually terminate the hanging process. The new Web snapshot model is backward compatible with previous versions of LoadRunner, however some snapshot data may be missing.

If this occurs, regenerate the script. For the following protocols, replay is supported, but recording is no longer supported: These protocols will be removed from future releases of LoadRunner. When replaying a script recorded on the HP WebTours application, set the run-time settings to work with no proxy. If you open an HP site in the embedded browser and the site is not included in the trusted sites list, you will be prompted to add the site to the trusted site list. After adding the site, you may receive a Web site scripting error.

Enabling the Collect replay statistics option will affect replay performance. McAfee protection software such as Antivirus, especially the Host Intrusion Prevention component may interfere with some LoadRunner components and block script recording. Remove the McAfee software. For details see the McAfee Knowledge base Article: How to manually remove McAfee Agent 4. When uploading a single or multiple VuGen scripts with a total size of more than MB, a server error occurs.

This error occurs when exceeding the size limit or timeout settings. Update the size limit and, if necessary, the timeout settings. By default the size is limited to MB and the timeout is set to 20 minutes. Update the maxRequestLength value in Kilobytes located under the httpRuntime section. Maximum value: Update the executionTimeout value in seconds located under the httpRuntime section. NET Requirements. Windows Firewall Considerations. At the end of a scenario the graph timeline may continue and display monitor values that are not part of the scenario.

Manually Freeze the graph when the scenario ends. Use an alternate version of the Citrix client. Open the script in VuGen. In the Solution Explorer tree, right-click Extra Files. Running Vusers on virtual machines may adversely affect performance due to the sharing of physical resources. A unique transaction name must be used for each scenario. In most Windows environments, Windows Firewall is turned on by default. The firewall does not allow certain LoadRunner components to communicate with each other. The Windows firewall therefore needs to be turned off. Turning off Windows Firewall increases the risk to your computer's security.

For each process that needs the firewall you can unblock the process by clicking the unblock button in the popup window that indicates that the program needs it, or by manually tuning the Windows firewall from the Exceptions tab. NET Protocol. Click and Script Family Protocols. Web - Click and Script Protocol. Applications that use the. Potential Workaround: In the Microsoft. Recording user interface under Support for previous. NET version, select Emulate previous. NET versions in transport level , and then record again. When the application under test retrieves a server-activated object by calling new RemoteObject , VuGen generates a RemotingServices.

Connect function. Applications using multiple processes or multiple application domains are only partially supported. ActiveX objects and Java applets are only supported on Windows platforms. Installation of the registry patch is required for the support of all version of Citrix clients over Running Citrix Vusers on virtual machines may adversely affect performance due to the sharing of physical resources. Load Generator cannot be used in service mode for the Citrix protocol when the Citrix XenApp client Use another version of Citrix client.

To successfully record a multi protocol Citrix and Web script on XenApp5 only the SessionToken Citrix correlation rule should be enabled. Citrix Clients The recording window size option does not work properly with the XenApp Plugin for Hosted Applications The size of the client window is installed, but the server screen resolution is not. This is a Citrix Client limitation and will be fixed in future Citrix Client versions. When recording, set the window size equal to the local screen resolution. Citrix snapshots. Black snapshots may appear during record or replay when using Citrix Presentation Server 4.

Possible Workaround: For bit systems: Does not support user actions on ActiveX objects and Macromedia Flash. Support of right-to-left languages is limited e. This is defined by the default operating system translation table. Recording an application in a specific language e. The locale of the load-generator machine, including the default non-Unicode character set, must be configured to be the same as that of the recording machine.

It cannot be assumed that the Linux default character set is the same as in Windows, even for US-English machines, and this has to be explicitly verified. For example, the default character set on Linux, is UTF Replay fails when the Collect replay statistics option is enabled.

HP Application Lifecycle Management Readme

Disable this option. Scripts that require Java VM operations, may fail on code generation or replay due to virtual memory management limitations in Windows. For example: The core jars are: If you have modified the granite-config. Flex RTMP messaging support. Make sure that the ConnectionID argument has the same value as the steps you removed above it.

The Snapshot argument is not relevant for the manually added step. These will likely include arguments such as pauseRaw, pause, seek and play2 for Dynamic Stream. For example, if you dragged a button to seek in the stream, subtle jerks in the motion may be recorded as separate pause and seek actions.

In these cases, may not need all of them. Keep only those that describe the desired operations. Java Record Replay Protocol: Requires the JDK version 1. When recording on Internet Explorer 8 using the Java protocol, you must first close all instances of Internet Explorer before LoadRunner opens an Explorer instance for the record session. Recording of binary parameters is part of the protocol's extended functionality and is not supported by VuGen. Media Player scripts fail with the error: Error When recording a scenario with the mobile recorder, the maximum PCAP file size attachment that can be sent by email may be limited by your email service provider.

Mobile Sniffer Agent. WinPcap should be installed using the default settings of the installer. The following versions of WinPcap are supported: Version 4. Clipboard sharing supports only short simple textual content. RDP does not support bit color depth. You cannot define transactions to measure time of a subset of steps performed in a modal dialog.

During recording, if you double-click on a tree-view tree cell outside of its text, VuGen records "Select" instead of "Activate. If the list of retrieved values contains a scroll bar, you cannot select an item that requires scrolling in order to retrieve from the server. Scalability is lower than the SAP Web protocol, depending on the size and functionality of the business process.

Does not support the Replace with Alternate Navigation run-time setting. In certain SAP environments such as 6. During recording, if you use a keyboard option instead of a UI element for example, pressing Enter instead of clicking the log on button , the step may not be recorded.

In general, when recording your script, it is recommended to use UI elements rather than keyboard options. REST services do not generate Silverlight service calls.

Software version: 11.52

However they can be recorded and replayed. If the WSDL location has changed, the service is re-imported delete service and import service. Silverlight 4 and 5 clients are supported, however applications developed using the new communication features such as net. The VuGen snapshot viewer does not support Silverlight controls. When you view Web page component breakdown graphs for TruClient Vusers, and some third-party components such as Mozilla's Necko are installed, Ajax TruClient measurements might not be available or might be less accurate than those of other protocols.

In Interactive mode, if the field is empty when the attribute is submitted, the onsubmit handler is not called.

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In Load mode, onsubmit is called. After opening TruClient by clicking Develop Script, and subsequently closing it, VuGen may still display the yellow banner of Develop mode. If working with a proxy, you must specify "bypass local connections". If you edit a TruClient script using a later version of LoadRunner than the one on which you recorded the script, it may fail to replay in some cases. Before modifying the script, save a backup copy of the script. If the replay fails, re-record the script using the latest version of the TruClient protocol.

Instead of mouse hovering, click the elements to open the drop down the clicks are recorded. TruClient General Strings are not localized in the Japanese version. When recording a script in TruClient Ajax-IE protocol, a keyboard event together with the Ctrl key is not supported and therefore not recorded. Due to Internet Explorer 9 behavior, when using TruClient Ajax - IE protocol with Internet Explorer 9, and you have a Java IE plug-in that is older than version 7, the browser may crash when you visit web pages that are rendered and contain applets that need to instantiate the plug-in.

Install the Java IE 7 plug-in or a later version. As a result, you may experience unexpected behavior during a load test, for example, some Vusers may stop running. An error message may appear in the Controller's Error pane and the Vuser status will be set to Failed. Disable McAfee anti-virus. Security warning dialog boxes are not displayed in TruClient during script development.

TruClient Ajax - Firefox does not support Kerberos authentication. Close VuGen and then reopen, or use a VuGen standalone installation. Port mapping configurations is not supported in the Proxy Recording mode. VuGen cannot get a client certificate from Internet Explorer 10 while recording a session. Provide a client certificate in the port mapping settings. When strong private key protection is set on a certificate and the WinInet mode is used during the replay, you may be required to manually enter authentication details when replaying the script.

Recording a script with the older recording engine is not supported for Internet Explorer 9 and later. After entering the details, Click 'Next'. Step 4 The Security page in the server configuration wizard opens. You can check 'Use Default Value' and click 'Next'.

Step 7 User can also select the Port that they would like to install. In this case it is default is which you can override and click 'NEXT'. The Default Port might be used by other applications, hence it is better to choose other port numbers. Click 'Next' to continue. This is used to send emails using ALM. If you do not want to specify, click none and move ahead Step 10 A configuration summary is shown before proceeding. Click Next Step 11 Configuration proceeds Step 12 Upon applying the configuration if successful, status message would be shown appropriately.

The ALM Net C CodeIgniter.

hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52 Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52
hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52 Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52
hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52 Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52
hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52 Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52
hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52 Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52
hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52 Hp application lifecycle management installation guide 11.52

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