The room ipad game cheats chapter 3

The clock tower

Insert the square object from your inventory to open a keypad to the left. Read the letter in the drawer and take the blue crystal. Flip round to the opposite side of the box and insert the crystal into the slot at the base. Ooh, a mysterious light. Turn that golden dial to narrow the focus of the light until a drawer opens. Take the flywheel. Rotate to the left a little and zoom in on the base of the box. Insert the flywheel into the vacant slot, then slide both buttons to the right simultaneously. Pull out the drawer and grab the light-reflecting device.

While you're in the drawer, put on the eye-piece. Tap the finger prints on the panel to open another hidden drawer. Pick up the handle that appears to the top right of the globe. Rotate to the left and zoom in to the blue and gold circular shutter. Insert the handle into the square hole to the right and crank away. Another wooden bit! You guessed it - time to slip on the eye-piece again. We've got another hex-shape alignment puzzle to solve. This time you need to rotate the central wheel a little in order to align the pieces of the shape.

You'll also need to view the puzzle from the left and a little low down in order to get the right angle. Take the little wooden box that appears, then examine it.

#1 Unofficial Walkthrough Guide for The Room

Examine its bottom oo-er and rotate the cross to align with the corner pieces. Now you have a star-shaped key. Rotate right a little and insert the star shaped key into the slot above the funny multi-key slot. A telescope will appear on top. You'll be presented with a little gauge and some buttons. Now, you need to be quick with this next bit. Press the right-hand button and a timer will start. Zoom out and rotate right and you'll see that a similar gauge has appeared. Press the button. Repeat another couple of times and you'll eventually find a star-shaped map piece.

Slot this into the globe, as before. This time you'll eventually uncover a multikey. Move round to the unusual multikey slot, zoom in and drag the new key onto it. You'll now have to rotate the pieces to match the slot. Once done, back out and drag the key onto the slot again. Pick up the mirror from the little safe that opens. Now go back to the light box section and drag the new mirror piece onto the light box. You'll be presented with a black compartment containing a few little mirrors.

The Room – Game Introduction

Put on the eye-piece to reveal an invisible laser beam. Drag the bottom mirror component so that the beam hits the left-hand mirror. Now drag the left-hand mirror component down so that the beam strikes the upper-most mirror. Now drag the top mirror component so that the beam hits the right-hand mirror.

Bendy and the Ink Machine Mobile - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 3 - Chapter 3 (iOS, Android)

Here's the result:. Pick up the map piece and slot it into place on the globe. Now move to the top of the box and look through the telescope to reveal a cross pattern. Look below the telescope, on the side of the box, and zoom into the green keypad. Copy the cross pattern onto the keys to reveal the final piece of the map and the penultimate letter. Put the final bit of the map into place and pull the handle. The top expands, ready for the final star-gazey challenge. Then, with another finger, move the tiny handle down to lock the dial in place. Spin the centre circle around so you can move the handle into the centre.

At the top, keep spinning these three shapes around until you are left with two clear gaps down the centre. Now, drag the handle down to the middle. Pull all three handles back to reveal a square hole. Pop the crank handle in and turn it to open the lid. Spin the three dials to match the screenshot above. Then slide the slider across and flick the switch.

The Room Walkthrough

Take the handle with socket and you'll be forcibly spat back out into the main room. Take the ballerina statue from the side window. Pull the gold panel back on the side of the box. Use your eyepiece to look through the magic panel. Inside, pull the shapes to the box in the centre, in the order shown above. Place the winding key in the slot that appears, and twist it. Pull open the lid to reveal a dancing statue. The goal is to get the statue to the middle, by turning on and off the gold stoppers, using the button at the bottom.

The correct path is shown above.

Pop the ballerina in the holder that appears. Now do the same thing as before, with the correct path being shown above. Take the gem from the second ballerina's back. Pop the gem into the slot on the wall. Now, make one of the patterns above and hit the button at the top. Repeat with the other pattern.

The Room 3 walkthrough - complete puzzle guide for Chapter 3 | Articles | Pocket Gamer

Press the four buttons here to make the metal shapes spin around. You're going to make a crow, like above. Take the key with the bird emblem from the now-unlocked grate. Go back to the main room, and use the bird key on the box on the wall. Pull the switch inside. Go up the spiral staircase. A crow will set the bell ringing.

How to enter The Room - iPhone, iPad, and Android walkthrough for Chapter 3

Go back downstairs, and to the room with the ballerina box. Look at painting through your eyepiece, and do the same as before - move the spark across the line, while rotating the castle, to get it to the panel at the front. Take the clock hands from the compartment. Place the hands on the clock face, on the golden box in the main room. Pop the winding key into the cross-shaped hole and spin it. The final bell will ring out, granting you access to the pyramid. Take it, to finish the chapter. Don't say we never do anything nice for you. Spin the top around so the metal shapes line up.

A door will appear. So what are you waiting for? Head on through! The image above shows the correct layout. When you're done, follow the power cable upstairs. Flick this switch, then go back downstairs and find the box on the tripod. Flick all four switches and then press the button. Take the "wheel with a handle" from on top of the fuse box.

Open the panel on the left side of the box. Take the crank handle from inside. Once all four are in, use your eyepiece to enter the small opening that appears. Put the crank handle in the square slot. Press the button that appears. Pop the gear into this slot.

A staircase will appear on the other side of the room. Take it. Pop the metal wheel onto this pulley. Spin it counter clockwise until it makes a bell ring. Take the clock face that appears and go downstairs.

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The room ipad game cheats chapter 3

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