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Thank you for making me fall in love with EDM, with this culture. Avicii was the first artist I truly liked and his music has a lasting impact on my taste.

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I sometimes can't listen because memories associated with the time or sadness about his death but whenever I listen to his songs they're always good. I will miss Avicii forever. I discovered him by "Hey Brother", but for me and my friends who enjoy his music, "The Nights" had a greater impact on us, because Of It, we want to travel The world and enjoy life The most as possible: Meet new people, fall in love, watch the night sky on a Hilltop, discover the world and all it's possibilities.

From Brazil. I will not share such a lovely story like the rest of the people around the world. Last summer, my life turned from perfect into a nightmare by having inguinal hernia. I got a surgery at November because training is everything for me and without it I dont have any point of living. I still feel mentally ruined because of feeling the discomfort at my surgery spot and I do not know will it dissapear some day. Avicii's pure art holds me a bit stabble for now. I hope you rest in peace.

Tim was a great guy great artist and always will a great humour and he will be remembered as one of the greats.

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En me renseignant j'ai vu que tu n'avais pas encore sortie d'album. Bref Tim, merci tu m'a redonner le sourire dans mes mauvaises songes et fait danser comme Lucifer. I miss you so so much tim. Your music gives me life, everyday, even when I want to give up, your music saves me from drowning. It hurts so much. I Love Avicii since day one. He was It was the best day. I dedicated him a tattoo on my ankle which reminds me every day, every second that he is still there.

Not physically but in our heart and memories and with his music and videos of concerts we always have the opportunity to get a piece of him back. Tim, I will always love you and can't believe that you are almost a year gone. Thank you for the amazing music Tim. I think about you a lot. Forever in my heart. Love you. This feeling is terrible, it breaks my heart! I miss you Tim! May your soul go on and inspire many of us. I first heard his music through my mam, she unfortunately passed when I was 13, till this day I still listen to his music and Im glad we shared memories whilst his music played in the background.

Dear Tim, 10 months without you, you are on my mind every single day, still listening yours songs.

Thanks for all that you done to the world. I hope you found peace sweet angel. Its been about a year, and I still can't forget you, my dude. I still love your songs, they're so awesome and beautiful.

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Probably my favorites are Waiting for love and Hey brother. Sleep in peace, my man. Won't never forget ya. Tim, your legacy will never fade away, each song still singing, an infinite echo, in each of our hearts. Long live Avicii. Ten months ago a beautiful Angel flew to the sky. I will keep you in my life forever listening your music every day. Thank you for so much that you gave us Tim. Rest in peace Avicii.

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  7. A lot of love. Levels had just come out and that's literally all I knew about electronic music. After his set, I realised just how unifying electronic music was and needless to say, I have been a HUGE electronic music fan since! Levels remains my song even today. The anthem that brought me my greatest ever memory in dance music. Keep RIP Tim. I owe you for opening up the world of dance music to me! And from that moment I liked all your music and I still listen to them! I know you are a great DJ of our time! Every day i wake up and listen to your songs they helped me so much i love your music.

    Your legacy is still living on. The nights i will remember are the nights i would listen to your songs and just feel happy. I still miss you so much and i just wanna say thank you, thank you for hope, thank you for a reason to live. I will never forget him i kiss him so much and his amazing music but i know that his legacy is still living on and on.

    P Avicii love you! Your divine melodies are trully magical and they will continue to inspire people from all over the world. No one can replace you. You're such a unique human being and you'll be forever in our hearts. It's almost been a year, and i'm realizing that it will never get any easier. You touched differently each individual with your music.

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    You were such a big part of so many people. For me, you gave me so many memories that I can only re-live through dreams and the music you created. Grief is slowly turning into acceptance and appreciation. YOU graced me and so many people with hope and love through your music and i'm forever greatful for that.

    I hope to see you up there when the time is right. I grew up listening to his music, and his words inspired me in so many ways. I was obsessed with how beautiful and meaningful his songs were, and how deep the lyrics always felt. He always got me to feel something new, with every album and song. Tim, two days ago you visited me in my dream. It felt so real, we spent time together just like best friends. You had that your beautiful smile all the time. When I woke up, I cried so hard. That was the dream that I wish never ended. I have been listening to your music for years now.

    Everyday, I listen to your whole albums from beginning to end. I hope you are okay on the other side. And I hope I'll see you again there.. I miss you so much, thank you for everything. I love you Tim. I've been listening to your songs while I'm in Taiwan, but when I came back on april 20, I've realized you're gone, have a good life. Wo immer Du auch bist, Gott segne Dich. Du hast uns perfekte Musik geschenkt.

    Today it is ten months. Ten months on which there was no day when I did not hear your songs. I love you Tim and miss you very much! I hope you are better off where you are! Your Kevin from Germany. Tim, I hope you found the light. I still expect to see your smile again, to see another post on Instagram, to see you be the happy bubbly Tim you are.

    I refuse to ever say was, because you are. You ARE Tim. You ARE a son ,a brother, a uncle , a musician, a role model. You changed the world. You taught us lessons through your music. Stuff that college or school could never teach. To care. To find you passion and LOVE what you do. To live life. Sleep well angel xxxx. Entertainment Weekly. BBC News. July 29, Retrieved August 17, June 29, Concert Review". The Hollywood Reporter.

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    February 2, Retrieved February 2, Retrieved February 17, July 24, Rolling Stone. MTV UK. Rihanna becomes a punk pirate princess as she covers up for Coldplay duet". Daily Mail. Retrieved September 10, November 8, Archived from the original on September 30, Retrieved November 19, Rihanna, Frank Ocean keep it simple amid Grammy spectacle". Los Angeles Times.

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    Retrieved February 11, Retrieved November 25, LA Times. November 12, Retrieved March 3, February 3, Retrieved February 3, Belfast Telegraph. February 29, Retrieved March 2, Discography Videography Awards Tours Songs. Good Girl Gone Bad:

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