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I would like to give some background on what I have done and what I have experienced and ask you to provide a few details regarding your situation. This seems to be consistant with what you have reported regarding your experience with music downloaded from the marketplace. My experience is slightly different when it comes to this other content. For these tracks I also reproduced the issue of missing album art. When I transferred this content to the phone running Update 2 I had less consistent results.

Some of this same music is now showing album art and some of the music is giving me the option to create a Smart DJ mix, most still did not give me these options.

#DuckTip: Windows Phone Store - Error Code 80070020

I believe this is an issue with meta data for this content, I am in the process of trying to get more information. Now for what seems to be at the core of this post and that is content you ripped from CD's that show on the PC as MP3's.

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When I transfer this content to the phone I have running Update 2 I seem to be having a mix bag of experiences. One album I transferred is appearing on the phone with no album art and gives me the same error you reported when trying to create a Smart DJ mix. This album does not give me an option for more in store. I have another album that shows the album art and gives me the error you get when trying to create a Smart DJ mix but when I search the Store for more, I get a list of additional content available. I have yet another album I transferred to the phone that successfully creates a Smart DJ mix but when I check the more in store option, I get the error code you have referenced.

When I try and access the same content on the phone I have running Update 3 I have a different experience. For the music I have noticed a grayed out play Smart DJ mix option, this experience is consistent on both platforms. With all of this said I would like to have anyone experiencing this to check several albums from different artists that you have ripped from CDs and let me know if your experience is consistent or if like me varies.

In addition to this please provide the following details:. One other thing I would like to know is if you have a similar experience when using the new stand alone Xbox Music application. This can be downloaded from the marketplace and will allow you to sign into the app with any Microsoft account. Once you get the message that the radio station is complete, tap the radio icon to begin playing this. This should be the equivalent of Smart DJ. You should also find the more in store option here.

Please try these options for the same content you tried in the native Xbox Music application and report back on whether your experience differs from app to app. We thank you for reporting this and for you patience while we gather more information and work on getting to the bottom of what is causing this. Im glad you guys are checking this issue finally! Thank you for the post and requested details. I am still in the process of gathering customer experiences and performing additional testing.

I would like to get a bit of clarity from you though. Can you please detail a couple of albums you have ripped from your personal collection that lead to the described error and experience. I would also like to know if these albums were ripped by burned CD's or from originally purchased content. Finally, I would like to know if you have the same experience with each and every album you have ripped from a CD. The other thing I did not see mentioned in your post was if you had a chance to download the Xbox Music stand alone application and if you tried to create the radio station and use the more in store feature here.

We would like to know if things work differently for you when using this app. So I get the error with songs I have downloaded and played in my Zune Marketplace. I can also play them on my computer? Curtis Type: MP3 DRM: No Bit Rate: Windows phone app for desktop XBM Pass: No Handset: Lumia Update Ver: Test 1. Full album transferred. Only 3 songs have the Smart DJ and 'more in store' options. Both options fail when selected. Test 2. Delete album from phone. Transfer only the songs from the album that showed Smart DJ and 'more in store' options in Test 1. Test 3. Install Xbox Music standalone app Bypass music pass message Open Bing search using search button, then use task switcher - long press on back button - to go back to Xbox Music standalone app.

Thank you for the follow up and the additional details. I am going to be sure to update the case I have sent along for additional review. I am continuing to keep tabs on this and have yet to get any new information to pass along. If anything changes I will be sure to post it here. Thank you for contributing to the forum. We are disappointed that you have run into this and other errors as often as you have. If you do have any specific issues with these error codes please let us know here. Specifically if you have issues syncing your Microsoft account as that will surely lead to issues downloading from the marketplace.

As for the issue with completing the downloads of your purchased music, I am not sure there is any troubleshooting steps to resolve this. I will present a couple things worth trying and an option to resolve this in a different way if that does not work.

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First, try a soft reset of the phone. After you have done this, perform the soft reset by pressing and holding the power button and the down button until it restarts. Upon doing this see if the song can be downloaded without having to buy the song again.

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If the issue continues you might want to try a factory reset of the phone. If this does not work or you just do not want to do this, try getting to a Windows 8 PC and sign into the Xbox Music app with the same account on your phone. Once you do this, you should be able to go to the marketplace and restore your purchased content to the computer. If you can do this, you can then copy this music to your phone. If you are unable to get this purchased music restored, the next thing to do is try a live chat session here. I know you are not interested in a refund but the only solution might be to have you rebuy the content, buy these songs from another album or allow you to buy some other content you want to replace the music that is failing to download.

In regards to the issue that this thread was started for, I am still monitoring and there are still no new details to pass along. As I have mentioned, I will continue to keep you all abreast of any new information. Hi Same problem here. Running Nokia with 8. I have somehow acquired a track form Laura Manning that behaves like a virus. I got it from X Box during a trial and whatever I do it returns, often downloading another track as it did yesterday while I was driving when the selection was set not to download.

It is really frustrating in that a. However, on the latter, a few PATH train stations were missing, and the various subway lines were identified only by color, not letter.

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It doesn't offer spoken turn-by-turn directions like Nokia Drive, but we enjoyed that it incorporates nearby attractions and eateries, much like Local Scout. The Windows Marketplace may not be as populated as Apple or Google's stores, but that doesn't mean finding apps is any less difficult, which is why we also appreciated App Highlights, an app that suggests apps to download. The 1. Apps opened quickly, and zooming in and out of web pages and photos was smooth and seamless. However, we did notice ghosting--especially with text--as we scrolled down a web page.

Even when we were listening to music in the background, though, web pages and apps were responsive and quick to open. It captured shots of trees in Madison Square Park in all their autumnal beauty, and did an excellent job of freezing water in mid-air in a photo of the fountain at Columbus Circle. However, the iPhone 4S edged this device out, as its photos were slightly more detailed, and it was better able to compensate for lighting variations courtesy of its HDR feature. The Lumia has the iPhone 4S beat in one area, though: You can share photos to Facebook directly from the camera app.

Video shot at the Lumia 's max resolution of x also had deep colors and strong details. When played back on our computer, we didn't notice any artifacts or pixelation. The Zune player may be dead, but its software lives on in Windows Phone devices. We like the interface, but still find it annoying that we have to connect the phone to a computer in order to sync music; the iPhone lets you sync your connection wirelessly. Other Zune Pass features include Mixview and Smart DJ, which offer music recommendations based on what you've listened to.

Smart DJ error

Nokia includes its own app, called Nokia Music, which shows not only your music, but local concerts. However, this requires signing up for a Nokia account, which gets tedious after having to register for Windows Live ID and Zune. Nokia Music will also include pre-programmed music stations as well as MixRadio, which will generate a playlist of songs based on the music stored on the phone.

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However, neither feature was available on our review unit of the Lumia When we measured speeds using the BandWidth app, downloads averaged 1. The phone was fairly fast to load web pages, though.

When we made a call to a landline, our caller knew right away that we were on a cellphone, and said we sounded "tunnelly. Nokia rates the mAh battery in the Lumia for about 9. We were able to make it through a whole day surfing the web and taking pictures and videos without needing to look for a charger.

If Nokia is looking to get back into the U. Its sophisticated yet understated design is one of the most attractive we've seen, and it's matched by the sleekness of Windows Phone 7. If you don't mind buying unlocked phones, this is the Windows Phone to get. The problem is that this device isn't available through U. If the Lumia is a sign of things to come, Nokia's future will be be bright.

Editors' rating: Review The Lumia represents a big bet by Nokia that it can get consumers excited about Windows Phone. Michael A. Prospero, Reviews Editor Michael A. Prospero has overseen reviews on Laptopmag. Prospero, Reviews Editor on.

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