Blackberry 9800 turn radio on

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If the radio is turned off, there will be no check mark in the box next to "Mobile Network. Select the box next to "Wireless Network. Whitney Jennings writes for various online publications, focusing on topics in business, technology and fitness. Search Glass x.

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Video of the Day. Again, it's hard to tell whether or not this will become a problem in the future, but it's worth noting. The Torch has only one customizable convenience key, on its right-side, which is unfortunate, because it really should have at least two in my opinion, like its Bold brethren. If you move to the Torch from a device with only one convenience key, or no such keys, this probably won't be an issue, but I definitely missed the second button. One thing that I really appreciated about the first two BlackBerry Bold devices, the and , was the external speaker quality, which made for great music-listening and speakerphone experiences.

The Torch speaker definitely leaves something to be desired, I was disappointed to find that my music sounds tinny and hollow via Torch.

Tunein Radio install to BlackBerry curve 8520

Speakerphone call-quality similarly suffered. I also noticed that the Torch's proximity sensor next to its LED coverage indicator, which serves to disable the touch screen while the phone is in use and placed against your ear, strangely flickers red during calls, while held away from your face. I imagine this is a bug, since I can't really think of any reason for it to blink.

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And it's annoying since it catches my eye during speakerphone calls and makes me think I have a new message. First up, my positive impressions And it is both, though the emphasis should definitely be on familiar. First up, the brand new BlackBerry Webkit browser.

It actually works the way a mobile browser should.

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It's relatively fast; it features tabs; it's intuitive; and it scores a very impressive out of in the Acid3 Test, a way to evaluate a browser's Web standards compliance. You also no longer need to adjust your browser settings between BlackBerry browser, Internet browser and Wi-Fi browser constantly, like the old BlackBerry browser, and that puts a smile on this reviewer's mug.

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  7. I already find myself using the browser on my BlackBerry more than in the past, and I applaud RIM's effort in this regard. My favorite new feature in BlackBerry 6, besides the browser, is the universal search function, which lets you quickly and easily search your entire device, as well as various online destinations and apps, like Google, YouTube, Slacker Radio, etc. The universal search function is truly valuable, and in my experience, it works like charm.

    The feature isn't exactly exciting or unique to the BlackBerry OS, but it's one I'll use constantly in the future. BlackBerry 6 also features a revamped "Setup" application that's meant to help new or less-than-advanced users easily get up and running and customize their BlackBerry devices.

    BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810 4G

    The Setup app helps you add enterprise- and Web-mail accounts; setup BlackBerry Messenger BBM and other IM apps; manage connection settings, and much more, all from one central location. And it even provides cool video tutorials to demonstrate various processes, tips and tricks, etc.

    It's a great new addition, and one that many will appreciate, since customizing BlackBerrys in the past wasn't exactly intuitive.

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    The most significant enhancements in BlackBerry 6 definitely relate to the multimedia applications and multimedia management. Check out this detailed list of new multimedia-oriented features in BlackBerry 6.

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    Point to the box next to Mobile Network under Restore Connections. Click the trackpad, then wait a few seconds as the Bold re-enables the radio and connects to the network. Melissa King began writing in She spent three years writing for her local newspaper, "The Colt," writing editorials, news stories, product reviews and entertainment pieces. She is also the owner and operator of Howbert Freelance Writing.

    Where is FM radio for Blackberry Torch? Access 12 best answers & solutions.

    Skip to main content. Tips If the radio was disabled because the Bold's battery died, you'll need to charge the battery before you can re-enable it. When the radio is disabled, you will see the word "Off" next to the signal indicator in the top-right corner of the screen.

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