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Now delete all of the music on your phone and on your SD card. Put the SD card into your PC and reformat it. Create a folder called Music on the blank card and manually drag and drop all the music you want into that folder.

#DuckTip: Windows Phone Store - Error Code 80070020

Now put the SD card back into your phone and wait for it to update. When you want to add new tracks take the SD card out of the phone and put it in your computer and drag and drop the new track into the folder, then put the card back in your phone. Potential solutions: Try restarting your device by holding down the Power button for 10 seconds then tapping to turn it on again.

Check your Wi-Fi or data connection. Poor coverage will impact on push notifications. Uninstall the app you are having a problem with, restart your device, then reinstall the app to see if that helps. Social Media Instagram to make giving easier with a Stories donation sticker for fundraisers Instagram is preparing to launch a donation feature within Stories that would allow users to raise cash for a range of nonprofit charities.

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The company confirmed it's aiming to launch the donation sticker later this year. Posted 1 day ago — By Trevor Mogg. Computing Speed up your system by tweaking the startup application in Windows and MacOS Bothered by programs that automatically start when you boot your computer, or want to add a new one to the list? Posted 2 days ago — By Jon Martindale. Computing Windows updates shouldn't cause problems, but if they do, here's how to fix them Windows update not working?

It's a more common problem than you might think. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot it and in this guide we'll break them down for you step by step. Posted 2 days ago — By Mark Coppock. Computing Enjoy Windows on a Chromebook with these great tips and tricks If you want to push the functionality of your new Chromebook to another level, and Linux isn't really your deal, you can try installing Windows on a Chromebook. Here's how to do so in case you're looking to nab some Windows-only software. Posted 5 days ago — By Tyler Lacoma. Mobile 10 common problems with the Samsung Galaxy S8, and how to fix them Despite being one of Samsung's flagship phones, some users are facing problems with the Galaxy S8.

Thankfully, there are fixes and potential workarounds for those struggling. Our troubleshooting tips are easy to follow. Posted 6 days ago — By Simon Hill. It has already started to leak ahead of this date, and expectations are high that the company will improve even further on the P20 Pro's camera. Mobile First phone specs reveal premium is the path for Vivo spinoff Iqoo A new smartphone brand has launched.

Excitingly, details about its first phone are slowly being released. Posted 1 day ago — By Andy Boxall.

Mobile Need speed? The silicon giant just unveiled a second generation 5G modem for smartphones, promising blistering download speeds as high as 7Gbps. Posted 1 day ago — By Jeremy Kaplan. The RVR is a fully programmable robot car that can be expanding with different….

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Posted 23 hours ago — By Christian de Looper. Home Theater Accidentally aired Samsung ad shows Galaxy S10, Galaxy Buds a day before launch One day before the launch event that is widely expected to contain both the new Galaxy S10 smartphone and the Galaxy Buds fully wireless earbuds, an accidentally aired Samsung TV ad from Norway confirms both products.

Posted 21 hours ago — By Simon Cohen. Mobile The name of Samsung's folding phone may have been revealed a day early Samsung has been showcasing bendable display tech for a few years and now a folding smartphone might finally arrive. The Galaxy X, or perhaps the Galaxy Fold, may be the company's first example. Here's everything we know about it. Sometimes updates of popular apps like WhatsApp and Facebook do not come through your Windows Phone 8 device like they should. Push notifications problem on Windows Phone 8 mainly occurs with Facebook and WhatsApp apps, but when you open these apps, you will see that lots of updates are there in the queue.

Some Windows Phone 8 users have been complaining about this problem because they have been facing this issue with many popular apps.

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Here are some ways that you can try to fix the push notifications problem on your Windows Phone 8 device. See Also- Solution of camera issue on Windows Phone 8. Try restarting your Windows Phone 8 device by holding the Power button for ten seconds.

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Then tap this button again to turn on the device. Check your data connection or wifi connection. Poor coverage or a weak signal sometimes has an impact on push notifications.

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Go to Settings and see if the Battery Saver is turned off. If not, then turn it off because keeping the battery saver option on it may disconnect you to in order to save battery power.

viber windows phone 8 issues Viber windows phone 8 issues
viber windows phone 8 issues Viber windows phone 8 issues
viber windows phone 8 issues Viber windows phone 8 issues
viber windows phone 8 issues Viber windows phone 8 issues
viber windows phone 8 issues Viber windows phone 8 issues

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