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We no longer list apps provided by individual developers. Although I don't doubt that most of the individuals who upload their apps to the various app stores for free download have the best intentions in mind, I also discovered authors who offer apps with occult or sexual content side by side with their Bible apps, or place lots of advertising right on the Bible reading screen. All apps have been tested on the Amazon Kindle Fire model.

Of course they are usually available on the Google Play store and other Android app stores for other devices as well. Toggle Navigation. You are here: Life Application Study Bible. You can use a Wi-Fi connection and the Silk web-browser to study the Bible on the web.

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This is great for websites that are designed for mobile use. You can login and the site will store all of your notes and settings. Features can be added easily and you can access your notes from any PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. The only downside to using the web for Bible study is that it requires a Wi-Fi connection.

Some sites can be more difficult to use than others. One more way to study the Bible is by using documents that you store on your Kindle. These can be Word or PDF.

You can listen to the Bible as an MP3, audiobook , streaming, and books from Audible. You can have thousands of reference works at your fingertips, you can add, edit, or remove your notes and markings, you can make the text as large or as small as you want, you can search easily, you can change from one translation to another quickly, you can see two translations at once, you can split the screen between the Biblical text and a reference dictionary, notes, etc.

WordPress writer by day, Bible reviewer by night, pastor all the time. And there's also that author thing.

Bible App 5 is Now Available for Kindle Fire

I have had a Kindle Fire for over a year know. I use it in a lot of the ways you stated. I love the fact that it makes studying in low light easy.

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I also love being able to change the font size of the books I am reading. It is an especially efficient tool to use when traveling. Everything is right there in the package: Hi Charles.

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I started with a Kindle 3 and then got the Fire last summer. I use both apps and books. Do you have a favorite app or book?

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I use a separate note app to type down sermon ideas that I may get while I am using my Kindle. My favorite site to use as far as study goes is Blueletter Bible. Of course one of my bookmarked sites is Biblebuyingguide. It is interesting to observe what passes as a Bible book now! I realize that there are folks who are addicted to electronic media, and for these this product looks like a good option.

Indeed these readers are not offensive to others, users are not more likely than book readers to walk around the supermarket running into other people, or trying to read while driving with disastrous results. Go ahead, call me a curmudgeon, you are obviously correct. For me I will stick to the printed page ranging from a cheap paperback to the finest leather bound edition I can find. I still prefer snail mail, e-mail beats it in speed and practicality, but there is nothing like a letter written on stationery, you can hold it, save it on your desk or next to your reading light near your favorite chair, read it later, touch it, feel the heft of it or depending on the sex of the person who sent it, smell the scent that it contains.

Well said. This is exactly why I believe there will always be Bibles printed on real paper. Traditionally bound Bibles also have an effect on those around you.

Bible App 5 is Now Available for Kindle Fire - YouVersion

I would rather be seen carrying a traditionally printed and bound Bible than an electronic gadget any day. If I was holding an electronic device they would just think I was like everybody else with a gadget. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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free bible study apps for kindle fire Free bible study apps for kindle fire
free bible study apps for kindle fire Free bible study apps for kindle fire
free bible study apps for kindle fire Free bible study apps for kindle fire
free bible study apps for kindle fire Free bible study apps for kindle fire
free bible study apps for kindle fire Free bible study apps for kindle fire
free bible study apps for kindle fire Free bible study apps for kindle fire

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